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26. Texan. Social media nerd. Former New Yorker. Fully believes that megalodon exists.

fitness goals, december 2010: death by yoga

So, I know I haven’t updated in a while, but this may be goodbye. Mike is my benefactor, so he gets Delancey, all of my shoes and clothes,* and my How I Met Your Mother DVDs. You see, yours truly … Continue reading

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apologies in advance…

…but I’ll be talking about wedding stuff here so as not to drive our friends and loved ones insane on Facebook and Twitter. For example: I got my new Social Security card today with my new name (YAY!) and ordered … Continue reading

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so this whole marriage thing.

Not only do I get to be married to the raddest dude ever, but I get to go balls-to-the-wall girly and plan a wedding, and people want to buy us presents. This wedding thing is pretty awesome.

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Yeah, I’m definitely the oddball of my extended family.

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when two (nerds) become one (mega-nerd?)

So, the rumors are true, we’re Facebook official, etc. Mike and I are married! An explanation, in bullet form: Yes, this was planned. We just didn’t tell anyone. We’d talked about getting hitched pretty much right from the start. We’d … Continue reading

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hi there.

I’m working on new content. Apparently an awesome job (that happens to be busy during October AHEM) plus an awesome boyfriend plus a pain in the ass (but very cute) kitten equals lack of blogging time.

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super easy summer salad

When most people think of salad, they probably don’t think “this salad is good but it is filling!”* FALSE. I throw together this salad when I run home to lunch from the office and usually bring it back with me; … Continue reading

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