fitness goals, december 2010: death by yoga

So, I know I haven’t updated in a while, but this may be goodbye. Mike is my benefactor, so he gets Delancey, all of my shoes and clothes,* and my How I Met Your Mother DVDs.

You see, yours truly has to have an initial wedding dress fitting after the new year. Which means that if I’m going to strut down the aisle with even more awesome than usual, I’ve got to be a little more… compact. Crap.

The Goals:

  • Finish Couch to 5K, finally.
  • Do Body by Bethenny yoga for 30 days. (This was originally going to be 30 Day Shred, but I’m not quite there yet.)
  • Lose 5lbs

Totally doable for a schlub like me, yes?

So basically, yes, I’ve turned into the stereotypical bride-to-be, save for the obsessing over napkins.** Daily cuticle oil, weekly deep conditioning treatments, upping the facials and mani-pedis, planning the hair color for the big day, being hyper-organized. But hey, we’re going to have fun and so will our guests, and we love the crap out of each other, and that’s what really matters, right?


*Clearly if you want my stilettos and cardigans, you’re welcome to them.

**Paper? I mean we’re having barbecue, I don’t know.


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26. Texan. Social media nerd. Former New Yorker. Fully believes that megalodon exists.
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