when two (nerds) become one (mega-nerd?)

So, the rumors are true, we’re Facebook official, etc. Mike and I are married!

An explanation, in bullet form:

  • Yes, this was planned. We just didn’t tell anyone. We’d talked about getting hitched pretty much right from the start. We’d decided we wanted to have a ceremony for just the two of us, then have a wedding with family and friends later on. We’d originally talked about getting married in Puerto Rico later this year, but decided that we’d rather save that for our honeymoon or another vacation. I found out I was going to Vegas for work, and M had vacation time, so he came with me. Barring all catastrophe, the plan was to get married in Vegas, and so we did. I guess we didn’t technically elope, though it probably seems that way!
  • Because I know you’re probably thinking it – no, this was not a shotgun wedding!

  • Yes, our parents know. My parents were surprised that we actually went through with it, but were kind of suspecting this would happen. They’re very happy and love M very much, and now my mom gets to email all the family with “So… guess what!” and help plan a wedding, and Dad gets a son-in-law. Win-win. M’s parents were shocked but happy – they sent me a sweet text and email, which was a pleasant surprise! I absolutely love my in-laws and am so happy to be a part of his family!
  • We had Elvis. That was also part of the plan. And he was rad. The minister was great, the vows were lovely, and Jon Bon Jovi was married at the same chapel, so I figured that was a good sign. And no, Mama, JBJ hasn’t been married 3-4 times, he married his high school sweetheart here and have been married since! Plus he’s hot, sang “Livin’ on a Prayer” and was in “Sex and the City.” C’mon.
  • What we wore: M was in a grey suit, blue shirt and tie and holy hell, my husband is gorgeous. I wore a grey pencil skirt, black heels and a black sweater. Elvis wore a black leather jumpsuit with red and gold studs.
  • After the wedding, we went to Hyanumi in Caesars Palace for some sushi and champagne.
  • Our first cute marital activity was indoor skydiving! Next Saturday, we’re running a 5k together, though mine will likely involve lots of walking.
  • Yes, we will be having another wedding in Austin later this year. We haven’t started working on those details yet, aside from the fact that it will be a Catholic ceremony and casual reception. I told M I still want a proper proposal and engagement, so we’ll start planning once he pops the question 😉 Many, many thanks in advance to my parents, who have agreed to pay for their only daughter’s second wedding.

  • I’m converting to Catholicism. I know I don’t have to in order to be married to M, but for my own reasons, I’d already decided to do so if/when we got married. Unfortunately, it seems like most RCIA classes around Dallas have already started, so I’d have to start in 2011.
  • About the name change? Though I love my two middle names, I’m using my maiden name for the middle and taking M’s last name. Professionally, I’ll go by all three; personally, I’ll go by my first and his last.
  • Yes, I’m still in Dallas and he’s still in Austin, for the time being.

  • No, we’re not having kids any time soon!

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26. Texan. Social media nerd. Former New Yorker. Fully believes that megalodon exists.
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6 Responses to when two (nerds) become one (mega-nerd?)

  1. Liann Hinojosa says:

    I’m so very happy for you! So exciting, and I’m so glad you’re parents were in on this all along 🙂 Again, very excited for you, and CAN’T WAIT to meet him!!
    Love you, Liann

  2. heykolls says:

    Thank you!! I’m hoping y’all will get to meet him very soon! He’ll be here next weekend and then the second weekend in December, then we’re not sure after that. Love you too!!

  3. Erin Riggs says:

    Congrats! Vegas wedding! I’m envious (especially since I’m in the midst of the headaches of wedding planning myself).

    Indoor skydiving? I didn’t know that was an option. But, if anywhere would have it, it’d be Vegas.

    Ugh, I hope you don’t get too many nosy people asking about it being a shotgun wedding. Yeesh. How tacky.

    Best of luck when the planning time comes around! You got the most important thing of all (getting married!) out of the way, so you can enjoy the ceremony and reception planning to the fullest.

    You two look amazingly happy in the photo. Again, congrats.

    • heykolls says:

      You are so sweet, thank you! We’re about plan our big wedding as well, but since we’re already married, it’s more like heck yeah, big ol’ party for us! When are y’all getting married?? The skydiving was so fun, even though Mike’s way better at it than I am (I’m so uncoordinated). I figured I’d throw in the shotgun thing because I’m sure some people have thought it! I’ve only had two judgy people so far, and frankly, their opinion doesn’t matter. We’re married fo’evahs, we’re both incredibly happy, and that’s all that matters 🙂

      • Erin Riggs says:

        We’re getting married in May. I’m pushing for a justice-of-the-peace deal beforehand, since a lot of the wedding is DIY and we could just have the ceremony led by a friend who’s a good speaker, rather than some stranger hired to speak in a flattering way. And, if everything goes wrong on the wedding day (heaven forbid), it wouldn’t matter since we’d already be married. We’ll be able to enjoy the party. Far too many people told me they didn’t get a chance to enjoy their weddings, which is the most heartbreaking thing to say about such an important event.

        As for shotgun suspicions, my aunt had the nerve to ask my mother if I was pregnant when mom told her that I was getting married. My aunt failed to do the math that, at the time she was informed, May was more than 9 months away. Not only did she accuse us of having a shotgun wedding, but she unintentionally accused us of a very poorly planned one.

        As you get into the wedding planning phase, check out the Offbeat Bride blog. Austin has been the location of a great many awesome weddings and vendors.

        It sounds like you two have your priorities straight and in the right order: mutual happiness and commitment. You two will be great.

  4. alanaransley says:

    Congrats, Traci! I am just catching up on Facebook from the last week, and was surprised to see you with a new last name. I am so happy for you! I’m also jealous that you get to move to Austin before I do; I can’t wait to get out of Houston!

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