an open letter to zooey deschanel

Dear Zooey,

May I call you Zooey? Okay. Here’s the thing. I adore you. I love the fact that you and I have the same coloring (when I’m at my natural hair color) – dark brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin. I love your singing voice. I love that you married my Requisite Indie Girl Crush, Ben Gibbard. I love how you’re basically the same character* in every movie. I even love that damn Cotton commercial.

But… okay. There’s a new girlcrush in my life. I think you’ll be okay with her, because she’s basically The Hottest Woman To Grace The Planet. Her name?

Christina Hendricks.

no, seriously, omg.


If you tell me you wouldn’t hit that, you’re either a complete idiot or a liar. Probably both.
So, Zooey, I’m so sorry, but I must bid you adieu. There’s a new girlcrush in town.



*Manic Pixie Dream Girl


About heykolls

26. Texan. Social media nerd. Former New Yorker. Fully believes that megalodon exists.
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3 Responses to an open letter to zooey deschanel

  1. Sasha says:

    Thanks for checking on us! We are on the opposite side of town from where the T hit, so all is well with us. Glad to see you are settled and doing well back home in TX!

  2. David says:


    Not being a complete idiot, I first noticed the beauteous Ms. Hendricks when she appeared in two episodes of the late, lamented FOX sci-fi western “Firefly.”

    If you haven’t seen those episodes, I HIGHLY recommend them.

    And now it’s less than a month until the return of “Mad Men.” More Christina.

  3. dorkusmaximus says:

    That reminds me, I must get my Firefly DVDs back so we can watch them at some point. Christina Hendricks plays a space prostitute who wears very low cut tops.

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